Tips & Tricks

My son keeps tugging on the mask and now it's a little loose, is there anything I can do to fix it?!?

Keeping masks on kids is going to be a whole new challenge this summer and into the new school year. There are a few 3rd party vendors selling creative and innovative mask holders, clips, and hooks to keep the mask tightly secured around the back of a child's head. 

The next collection of kids masks will have little stoppers attached to the elastic bands that will help further secure them around the face, making them easier to manage if the pulling and tugging leads to them being loose.


My mask is just a little tight, is there a half-size up that I can get?

All natural fabrics have a little give to them. I would suggest you iron the mask on a medium heat setting. From the center, push in the direction that you want to mask to stretch. The masks are 100% so if done correctly, the ironing should make the mask a little softer as well. Lastly, do not tumble dry your mask, I would suggest line drying it after the wash with your delicates. Depending on your dryer settings, a dryer that runs too hot and further affect the overall size of the mask. 


My mask is just a little big, will it shrink in the wash? 

The masks are made of a 100% cotton and like all natural fabrics, there can be residual size variations. If you wash your mask in cold water and then put it in the dryer wet and let it run till it's dry, you can get the fabric to tighten up a little making it fit better around your face.